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Ovarian Cancer

Ovarian Cancer A woman's reproductive system contains two ovaries, which are vital in the role of reproduction. The ovaries are attached to either side of the uterus and are responsible for producing sex hormones, including...


Asthma Asthma, or reactive airway disease, is a chronic disorder that results in restricted breathing due to inflammation of the bronchial tubes, the main air passages in the lungs. Asthma affects 3 to 5 percent...


Eczema Eczema is a common skin disorder. The word eczema is a general term that refers to an inflammation of the skin that produces an area of itching and redness. The area may even blister,...


Neighborhood Centers celebrates anniversary by announcing new name 

Houston’s largest community development organization is celebrating 110 years with a new name. More than 900 local and regional leaders joined the annual Heart...

Thousands gather for LA immigration protest

Several thousand people have rallied in downtown Los Angeles to protest President Trump’s immigration policies and recent enforcement raids. Activists marched through downtown streets and...


35 Queens of Black History who deserve much more glory

Black history lessons in classrooms shouldn’t be limited to the names of men and only a few women, especially when there are countless women...

Faith Evans settles lawsuit over Bad Boy Reunion Tour

According to the, Faith Evans has settled her lawsuit with a promoter over the Bad Boy Reunion Tour. Concert promoter Jeremy Hill accused the...


Rockets Dekker, Harrell elevating class of 2015

Most basketball experts suggest that it takes at least a couple of years to truly evaluate a team’s NBA draft class. If that’s the...

Sam Houston, Madison, Austin High Schools are top contenders

Athlete of the week, Henry Hampton helps Sam Houston HS earn top seed in District 18-6A. Team of the week's Madison HS girls are champions...


7 ways to tell if a mole is cancerous

As a preventive measure against developing melanoma—the deadliest form of skin cancer—you should pay close attention to your skin. In particular, if you have a mole—or...

How to eat healthy on a canned food diet

Your friends may be on your case about the fact that you need to eat more fresh food. And you’re like, “Hey, I already... Editor's Picks




Testicular Cancer