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Cancer Overview

Cancer A group of cells that have undergone a genetic mutation that causes them to grow and multiply uncontrollably and spread to surrounding healthy tissue.


Pneumonia During normal respiration, air travels through the nose, down the trachea, and into smaller and smaller airways called bronchi. The bronchi divide into bronchioles and finally into tiny grape-like clusters of thin, fragile sacs...


Eczema Eczema is a common skin disorder. The word eczema is a general term that refers to an inflammation of the skin that produces an area of itching and redness. The area may even blister,...


Temenos Place III: Offering innovative homelessness approach

Houston will soon break new ground when it comes to providing care for the homeless with the opening of Temenos Place Apartments III (1703...

SheaMoisture and being Black-owned: Is that enough?

SheaMoisture had a serious mea culpa this week after it released an ad campaign featuring women talking about learning to love their natural hair—except...


This 14-year-old cellist is making her mark in classical music

If you haven’t heard of Ifetayo Ali-Landing yet, you may soon. The 14-year-old cellist won first place in the 20th Annual Sphinx Competition’s junior division...

BET announces new biopic, ‘The Bobby Brown Story’

Following the success of The New Edition Story, BET Networks is bringing new biopics to the network, including The Bobby Brown Story and The Death...


Cypress Woods runner Derrick Brooks thrives on adversity

Derrick Brooks refuses to back down from adversity. Over the past nine months he’s been uprooted from his home in Georgia following an unexpected family...

Brandolyn Walker shines bright for Madison HS

Brandolyn Walker is accustomed to the role of headliner. As a junior, Walker was the only individual from Houston Madison High School to qualify for...


Could eyebrow threading spread herpes?

I’ve had both, and despite my appreciation for the meticulous results that come with the latter, I eventually had to give up threading due...

How to eat healthy at summer barbecues

How bad can a barbecue be for you, right? It’s just some protein and veggies grilled up, isn’t it? Sure, maybe when it’s just... Editor's Picks