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Lung Cancer

Lung Cancer The lungs are the primary organ in respiration. They are sponge-like organs that are divided into lobes. Although the right lung has three lobes, the left lung has only two lobes due to...


Acne The prostate is part of the male reproductive system. It is a small, round gland that is located in front of the rectum at the base of the bladder. Its primary function is to...


Eczema Eczema is a common skin disorder. The word eczema is a general term that refers to an inflammation of the skin that produces an area of itching and redness. The area may even blister,...


HISD supports ‘Real Men Read’ program to increase literacy

Houston ISD is proud to continue a systemic school-based literacy volunteer program to support Literacy By 3. A key ingredient of Literacy By 3 is family and community...

Unemployment rate rises for Blacks under Trump

During President Donald Trump’s first full month in office, the Black unemployment rate rose as the white unemployment rate fell, according to the latest...


Nicki Minaj passes Aretha Franklin for most Billboard hits

With three new songs all hitting the Billboard Hot 100 list, Nicki Minaj has just passed Aretha Franklin as the female artist with the most...

Oscar winner Lou Gossett Jr. partners with Pepperdine to erase racism

At the age of eighty, Academy Award winning actor and lifelong activist, Lou Gossett, Jr. remains in love with life and in love with...


Aldine Davis Coach set to navigate new Territory

The University Interscholastic League’s bi-annual re-alignment has opened up a whole new world for Aldine Davis head girls track coach Traneisha Allen. Following a longtime...

MVP candidate Harden propels Rockets into playoffs

With less than four weeks remaining in the NBA regular season, the Rockets clinched a spot in the playoffs. Last year, the Rockets finished...


Things to think about when work-life balance is out of wack

Unless you live in a remote area, completely surrounded by nature (and maybe some meditating monks), then you’re bound to get sucked into the...

How to make your bedroom a more restful place

You make your kitchen appetizing, your living room welcoming, and your bathroom at least hygienic (and sometimes cute!) but for some reason, people often... Editor's Picks




Testicular Cancer