You just remembered it’s Valentine’s Day tomorrow and your favorite restaurant is all booked. Fear not — here’s six last minute Valentine’s Day ideas.

1) Chocolate, flowers, and a card

Dating coach Ronnie Ann Ryan said you can’t go wrong keeping Valentine’s Day simple with a box of chocolates, flowers, and a card.

“If you do those three things and do it nicely, you’re golden, because it’s really about the thought….even if you are getting prepared last minute,” Ryan said.

While florists such as Rose Flowers & Gifts in Meriden will be accepting walk-in’s, be forewarned that there may be a wait. “Last year (the line) was out the door,” said owner Nicole Anastasio.

Beyond your budget, consider alternative seasonal flowers, like tulips.

“Other flowers can be really nice and give you the feeling of spring,” Ryan said.

2) Movie date

A romantic night at the movies could be a great way to relax and have fun with your partner. Or simply Netflix and chill. It’s the quality time that matters.

3) Think “outside” the box

If you are looking to do something a little different, consider an outdoor activity — walk through the park, or ice skating.

With temperatures expected to be close to 50 degrees, holding hands and walking a local trail could be very romantic.

4) Get a gift for later

Instead of throwing something together last minute, think of a gift you and your partner could enjoy at a later date, such as a spa reservation, sporting events tickets, or a concert.

“Some people want gifts of time so you could say ‘we will go to a play together, or a concert,’ and you can still make plans even if you can’t use it right away,” Ryan said. “That is still often very appreciated because you are doing something you know that person likes. It’s very thoughtful.”

5) A special home cooked meal or take out

If you aren’t usually the one to cook, preparing a delicious home-cooked meal of your partner’s favorite comfort food might just be the ticket to their heart. Just putting in the effort, even if it is not perfect, can go a long way.

Can’t cook? Take out is also an option.

“Dinner and a movie at home — if it’s not something you do all the time, could be fun,” Ryan said.

6) Personalized coupon book

For those with a tight budget, but a little extra time, making a personalized coupon book could be a great gift. Create a booklet of coupons for services your partner will appreciate later on.

“Things like free back rubs, car washes…is the person telling you that these are the ways they are going to share their time with you,” Ryan said. “Those are very cute and heartfelt.”

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