Hosting performers from across the nation, the 18th Annual IgboFest Houston again proved to be a premiere cultural event. Ndi-Ichie Cultural Club sponsored the affair that saw professional dancers of Nigerian and Non-Nigerian descent that have embraced Igbo culture on display along with other cultural dances and folklore with an educational twist. Additionally, the infamous seven-foot tall, mystical awe-inspiring grandeur Ajofia Nwewi, Nigeria’s most feared masquerade was previewed. Additionally, Wazobia African Market, among others, provided authentic foods that drew everyone’s attention. Attendees included Dr. Christian Ulasi, Steve Okoroha, Kevin Bahati Johnson, Andrea Peoples, Rebecca Burkes, Charles & Nkechi Foriest, Charles Foriest Jr., Zubaidah Pode, Chima Ukonu, Charles Onuogu and many more.