The Madison High School Alumni Association (MHSAA) recently hosted its 4th Annual Bling and Boots Legacy Builders Scholarship Gala which benefits the MHSAA Scholarship Fund and helps to meet the needs of the graduating seniors of Madison High School. Along with words from keynote speaker Mayor Pro-Tem Martha Castex-Tatum and world class barbeque courtesy of SR Catering, attendees were treated to seeing several Madison High School alumni members honored as Legacy Builders. These included Dr. Annetra Piper, Richard Arriaga, Erik Cork, Vernice Seriale Jr., Dr. Carla Brailey, Lakundré Thompson and Mya Carroll. Attendees of the event which took place in Madison’s beautiful new campus included Dr. Carlotta Brown (principal), Jan Taylor, Shawn Rushing, Professor Jason Fletcher, Pastor John Richardson Jr., Andree Stelly, Rhonda Robertson, Greg Jammer, Trustee Wanda Adams, Emerald Cork, Elijah Cork, Linda Scurlock, Manny Cuellar, Esmeralda Nuñez, Quinchell McDonald, Roland and Verline Castex, Tracy Petry, Cheryl McTear, Mya Carroll, Carolyn Hughes, Roslyn Vaughn, Cheryl McTear, Elijah and Emerald Cork, Mesha Weston, Renee Arriaga, Monica Alvarez, Manny Cuellar, Carolyn Hughes, Esmeralda Nuñez, Lisa Waddell, Mike St. Clair, LaShawn McDonald, Quinchell McDonald, Shawn Aker, Jane Ato, Anisha Ogbor, Lakeisha Ogbor, Samaria Mouton, Ume Fance-Mouton, William North III, Casandra North, Kim and Shawn Narcisse and more.