Mayor Sylvester Turner served as host to his Annual City Hall Media Party. This year, the event took place in the Houston Museum of Natural Science’s Weiss Energy Hall. The spacious venue overflowed with representatives from every corner of Houston’s vast media universe. And they came festive and ready to party. Mayor Turner briefly addressed attendees, thanking them for their presence and their critical service as members of the press. Turner added that whether they agreed or disagreed with his policies, their role was and is vital to a healthy democracy. He then went on to encourage media reps to use the event as a break from their usual hustle and bustle, and charged them to “Eat, drink and be merry,” reminding all present that the holiday season is meant to be festive and joyous. Defender staff members in attendance were Marilyn Marshall accompanied by her niece Meredith Davenport, Max Edison and wife Judeene Edison, ReShonda Tate Billingsley and Aswad Walker. Other Attendees included Ashley Turner, Ashley Small, Isiah Carey, Mary Benton, Jaimi Canady, Phyllis Bailey, Georgia Provost, Misty Starks, Jasmine Gershanov, Brandon Aninipot, Pamela McKay, Ernest Walker, J-Mac, Jasmine Crockett, HPD Chief Art Acevedo, HFD Chief Samuel Pena, Kimberly Hatter, Janice Weaver, Councilmembers Amanda Edwards, Martha Castex-Tatum, Michael Kubosh and Karla Cisneros, Necole Irvin, Deborah McNulty, Nicole Moreno,  Kellyn McKay, Centrell Reed, Warren Winston, Linda K. Brown, Day Edwards, Nikki Jackson, Miya Shay and countless others.