The Fade To Black Play Festival created by Shabach Enterprise, is Houston’s first and only play festival to showcase the new works of Black playwrights. They did so recently at the Fade To Black Reading Series held at MATCH. This Fade To Black movement continues to grow, as it has, within the span of seven years, already produced the plays of almost 80 amazing playwrights and utilized the talents a culturally diverse array of local actors and directors. Attendees included organizer Denise O’Neal, playwright Norma Thomas, Terrance Simon, Jhonu Harris, Sonya Gooden, Jeremiah Gray, Malik Nelson, Tro’shoa Pickrom, Christina Phlegm, Tene Carter, Rennette Bromn, Tasha Poullard, Errol Anthony Wilks, Manning Mpinduzi-Mott and several others.