GirlTrek, the largest public health nonprofit for Black women and girls in the U.S., held a teach-in event here in Houston as part of its #RoadToSelma movement, taking its message of radical self-care and healing on the road with a 12 month, 50-stop national wellness revival. In preparation for GirlTrek’s Summer of Selma (2019), co-founders T. Morgan Dixon and Vanessa Garrison led a powerful event at the Buffalo Soldiers National Museum where they trained women to become frontline health activists. The event also included powerful storytelling of women and their personal journeys to wellness, and other self-care activities. Attendees that made up the largest #RoadToSelma gathering yet included Jewel Bush, Onika Jervis, Lashona Malrey, Adrianne Walker, Anika Rikondja, Talitha Baszille, Asia & Jasmine Darby, Elandis Cashe, Munirah Olabisi, Karan Prince and many more.