InfluencHER, a unique evening presented by the small business consulting firm Attucks England and its partners Asheli Atkins, Warren Luckett and Cornell England rolled out the red carpet for women of various generations.  The event hosted by Verizon, represented by Shomari Williams, benefited Reagan Flowers’ CSTEM program.  The food by Chef Evelyn Garcia, former winner of the Food Network show CHOPPED, was delicious and the Asina Wines featuring its owner/winemaker Ntisiki Biyela was exquisite.  During the dinner the two women shared their stories of struggle, accomplishment and goals. Photographer Taren of Pure Conceptions captured the images of guests Tia Monteca, Kristal Palmer Krystal Nelson, Toni Mooney Smith, Gaynell Drexler, Laquita Passmore, Dr. Rhea Brown Lawson, Patricia Luckett, Gayla Thomas and more.