Fresh off his recent successful re-election bid, Mayor Sylvester Turner served as host to his Annual Media Holiday Party. This year, the event took place in the City Hall Legacy Room, and it overflowed with representatives from every corner of Houston’s vast media universe. Not only were participants decked out in their best holiday finery, they each came with a much-needed and much-deserved festive spirit. Attendees included Marilyn Marshall, Ashley Turner, Ashley Small, Mary Benton, Phyllis Bailey, Ernest Walker, Janice Weaver, Martha Castex-Tatum, Shannon Buggs, Alexis Jones, Shelley Wade, Vicky Pink, Jonmarie Rogers, Rebekah Williams, Symphony Webb, Tera Stidum, Helen Vietv, Lou Gregory, Thompson Akwo, Mazda Denon, Jaleah Davis, Chris Joseph, Jane Cheeks, Takasha Francis, Carl Davis, Holly Charles, Jonathan Martin, Paige Hubbard and countless others.