Sankofa 400, a coalition of individuals and organizations seeking to commemorate the African American Quad-Centennial (the 400-year anniversary of Black people’s acknowledged presence in the U.S.), hosted the 400 Points of Light Conference and Bell Ringing to this end. August 1619 saw the first Africans sold into slavery in the U.S., marking a 400-year journey of unfathomable brutality, yet also overcoming and achievement responsible for America becoming a world power. The Saturday event at Riverside UMC was followed by a national bell ringing to honor our ancestors. Attendees included Omowale Luthuli-Allen, Joan Hubert, Pastor Keith Somerville, Mark Williams, Anelle Williams, Ann Chinn, Dr. Jason Oby, Keda Cunningham, Rev. Loretta Hubbard-Green, Patricia Dixon, Bishop D. Kimathi Nelson, Nailah Nelson and many more.