THE SELF FOUNDATION hosted a breakfast for the State of the SELF Foundation at the Westin Hotel.  The organization is dedicated to improving the lives of others through education, physical fitness and spiritual enrichment at local middle schools. SELF continues to serve underprivileged children proving a bridge to a stronger foundation.  Stacey and Bo Porter have done an outstanding job touching the lives of so many kids.  The guest speaker for the occasion was HISD School board member Rhonda Skillern Jones. Porter provided some complimentary copies of his book Real Life Empowerment.  The book cover picture was done by photographer Vicky Pink. Save the date for the big Gala luncheon on Thursday, February 2.    Some of those attending the breakfast were:   Caleen Allen, Colin Davis, Tom Perich, Anthony Graves, Vernon Swisher, Paula Sutton, Alan Watkins, Gracie Saenz, Thomas Duncan, Jodie Jiles, Michael Harris, Dr. Kathy Flanagan, Erskine Black, David Schaarz, Fred Zeidman, and Shawn Taylor to name a few.