The Houston Super Bowl Host Committee Legacy Leaders held their presentations at Massa’s Grill.

This summer, in partnership with the non-profit Change Happens!, the Host Committee gave high school students first-hand access to its staff and partners in the industry to inspire and encourage pursuit of front-office careers. Leading up to the presentations, the students were fitted for suits that were donated by JCPenney and Michael Strahan.

During the presentations, the students gave recommendations to the Super Bowl Host Committee on social media strategies, what destinations and hot spots should be shared with visitors, and what local talent are good for performances.  Presenters included Kobe Harrell, Darion Harrell, Ethan Shepherd, Kenry Flukers, John Ferrell, Katherine Leblanc, and Roe’shoun Bradford. In attendance were Rev. Leslie Smith, Quashanique Mitchell, Kevin Cooper, LaMecia Butler, Host Committee staff, sponsors, Change Happens! staff and other community leaders

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