As Women’s History Month comes to a close, the Defender celebrates some visionary women to watch. They are making a difference in Houston and beyond and succeeding in various walks of life. From the boardroom to the courtroom, they see where they want to be in the future and are taking the necessary steps to get there. They inspire others to achieve a common goal and have a knack for developing strong relationships.

They are focused, disciplined, creative, resilient, persistent and positive. They know the importance of family and care about their communities. They make “bold, boss moves” on a regular basis, another reason why they are women of vision.

Education:University of Houston, Accounting

Occupation:  President & CEO LaneStaffing, Inc. | Founder, This Woman’s Work, Inc. 

Motto/Philosophy:Take Care of the People and The Bottom Line Will Grow

What makes her visionary: I combined my love for business and numbers with my background of philanthropy, spirituality and love for people, and have built a platform for a village of empowerment, employment and education. In 1993, I went to work for a small family owned staffing company as a payroll clerk (while a sophomore at UofH). In the interview they asked where did I see myself in fifteen (15) years, I told them in my full Dallas, Texas swag mode, “I am going to own your business.” And that’s exactly what happened, in 2007 (a little sooner than I planned) I purchased the firm, and began the process of rebuilding the brand and the business.  In 2010, I noticed a trend of chronic underemployment and unemployment of women in my community. I am a problem solver, so This Woman’s Work was born to address those needs and has become more than a moment, but a movement. 

Bold, boss moves: The boldest thing I have done, is to embrace my own ability and to acknowledge my gifts and trust them. Often God gives us desires to do things people can’t, don’t or won’t understand, and the critics and naysayers are loud. Trusting yourself for many women is difficult, we are taught to be polite, to want to be liked and to seek approval. Trusting yourself means following your intuition or your gut feelings and knowing that no matter the outcome, you will survive.

All in a day’s work: 

6:15         Wake Up

6:30         Read Emails, Look at Social Media, Review Edit To Do List For The Day

7:30         Get Dressed For Work

8:30         Head to the Office Or First Meeting

9:30-400      Client Meetings

        Staff Meetings

        Board Meetings

        Office Paperwork

500        Dinner Meetings

800        Home 


        Family/Friends Time

1100        Make To Do List Based on Todays Task List

        Decide what to wear tomorrow

        Put all work items needed tomorrow by the door 🙂

        Get Ready for Bed

1230        Try to sleep (quiet the noise in my head) 🙂 

Balancing it all:For me “balancing” doesn’t mean all of the priorities in my life get 100% at all times. What I have learned is that we should look at our lives in seasons. Balance means to me that there are seasons. Some seasons are harder than others.  Some seasons last longer than others.  But in no season can everything on my list be #1. This does not mean everything else on the list gets a half-a$$ or 50% effort. It just means that I commit to myself each day to do my best and that my best for each of my priorities vary from day to day, from season to season. 

Words of wisdom:Remember you are enough, where you are today, is exactly where you should be. But it doesn’t mean that is where you have to stay. More often than not, where you are today (career, emotionally, financially, spiritually) is a result of what you did yesterday. If you want a different tomorrow, do something different today. Lastly, I believe EVERY woman should read The 4 Agreementsby Don Miguel Ruiz and apply it! 

Dream job:I know it sounds cliché’ but I really am living my dream. I get to connect people with opportunity, I get to love people and help them see their best selves. I get to provide for my family. I get to be an example of what is possible when you put others before yourself. Now how cool is that?