Education:BA – Howard University, JDThurgood Marshall School of Law; Texas Southern University;LL.M. – Bates Law Center, University of Houston

Occupation:  Board Certified Family Law Attorney 

Motto/Philosophy: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. 

What makes her visionary:  I want to establish a minority female owned family law firm that leaves a legacy long after I’m gone. So many minority firms are lost after the principals retire or expire. I want to train young lawyers who love the concept of family are willing to zealously advocate for families in need. 

Bold, boss moves:  I’ve always been in awe of authors because they disseminate information, shape our culture and paint our views. I wanted to have that kind of impact so I wrote a book on divorce, called from Divorce to Deliverance. It allowed me to mix the most important aspects of my life, my Lord, my work as a judge, the law and my love for families. 

All in a day’s work: My typical day starts with caring for my mom who lives with us, getting my two of my three children up and dropped off at school, my senior drives (hallelujah!!!) and then heading to the office or court.  Once in the office I manage my own case load and supervise four of our six lawyers. If I’m in court we handle everything from Temporary Orders hearings and other pre-Trial motions to jury trials. 

Balancing it all:I pray!  I also ask for help when I need it and I rest when I’m tired. I’ve also learned that “no” is not an ugly word. I give myself permission to put my family first and balance work and social once I know they are all okay. 

Words of wisdom:Don’t buy into to concept that women don’t play well together. Don’t allow society to create a fight where a fight does not exist. Stop allowing people to use your conflicts for their entertainment. Embrace the strength of character you possess, rise above the fray and rule the world!

Dream job:Owning the largest minority owned law firm in the nation.