As Women’s History Month comes to a close, the Defender celebrates some visionary women to watch. They are making a difference in Houston and beyond and succeeding in various walks of life. From the boardroom to the courtroom, they see where they want to be in the future and are taking the necessary steps to get there. They inspire others to achieve a common goal and have a knack for developing strong relationships.

They are focused, disciplined, creative, resilient, persistent and positive. They know the importance of family and care about their communities. They make “bold, boss moves” on a regular basis, another reason why they are women of vision.

Education: College of Biblical Studies, BS Biblical Counseling and also attended Prairie View A&M for Computer Science.

Occupation:  Author, Speaker, Corporate Trainer & Life Coach 

Motto/Philosophy: Change Your Mind. Change Your Life.

What makes her visionary:  I have been innovating entrepreneurship since 2004 and have created a movement for entrepreneurs and leaders to incorporate faith with business. The Boss Pray Movement has expanded internationally through the Boss Women/Men/Kids Pray books. I have sustained my coaching practice encouraging others to Dream. Pray. Hustle. through conferences, events and constantly evolving with the rapid growing changes online and offline.  

Bold, boss moves:  Starting the Boss Pray Movement by encouraging others to incorporate faith into their business at a time, I knew it could have been career suicide to do so. But I stuck to the purpose of the message and created a movement. I also learned how resilient I am, most of my success were birthed from very painful moments in my life. I learn in those moments, that what I do is not about me but about those I am called to empower.

All in a day’s work:  When I am not traveling to speak to an audience or train at a company, I work on and in my business from my home office. Coaching clients and creating value to my business while listening to music and CNN or MSNBC.

How she balancse it all?: By spending quality with family and friends. Cooking and watching Netflix. 

Words of wisdom: Never give up and don’t expect overnight success. Your small victories today will pay off in the future. Take time for self care with the things you enjoy most and enjoy the ride, good and bad. It’s all for a purpose. 

Dream job? I am living it.