Mothers fear a lot of things when it comes to raising daughters — how to protect their hearts, teach them to love their bodies, build their confidence, keep them safe. The list of concerns rarely ends and Viola Davis’ biggest feat for her daughter Genesis is very much rooted in her own experience growing up as a child.

Davis hasn’t kept the struggle of growing up poor a secret, and asked by People magazine how she teaches her 6-year-old daughter to appreciate all that she has, growing up wealthy, the Academy Award winner says that’s now her on-going challenge.

“You just listed my number one fear, which is entitlement,” said the 51 year old. “I never had a house; Genesis has a house. I do shop at Target, I buy all her clothes at Target or H&M. And maybe, if I’m feeling really good, Nordstrom Rack.”

Spoken like a true Black mama. I actually envy Genesis. Target’s clothes are cute so in my book she’s winning either way.

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