Though she’s only eight years old, Brooklyn based DJ Annie Red has seen more than her share of bullies. A constant negotiator, the talented student always found herself talking to her friends about it – those who were bullied and those who did the bullying. It’s an issue she’s so passionate about, she’s made it a platform of her everyday endeavors. And now, she’s hoping her new book, The Bully Stop will help kids put a stop to bullying, especially since October is Bully Awareness Month.

Bullied because of her deep raspy voice, DJ Annie Red wanted to talk about it and she did it by way of her rap song “No you won’t bully me.”  That song was the basis for this book.

A recipient of the 2017 Danny Glover Power of Dreams Music Star Award, DJ Annie Red is already a popular artist in her hometown of Brooklyn. A songwriter and rapper, her music is available on SoundCloud and Youtube. Her songs include (“No You Won’t Bully Me,” “DaBoss: and “Give me a Clean Heart”). She is an anti-bullying ambassador, spreading her message throughout the world.

The book is the latest release in Brown Girls Books division, BG Kids, which features titles written for kids, by kids.

“We’re so excited about the addition of DJ Annie Red to our roster,” said Brown Girls Publisher, Victoria Christopher Murray. “The passion she feels when it comes to stopping bullies shines through in this book. We’re not only proud of DJ Annie Red, we are elated because we know this is a book that will resonate with children.”

The Bully Stop is available wherever books are sold, or on Amazon at

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