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Director John Singleton supports R. Kelly, says he just has ‘a bunch of girlfriends’

R. Kelly seems to have at least one celebrity who’s willing to support him publicly after reports of Kelly’s alleged “sex cult” where women are allegedly held hostage. A TMZ cameraman caught up with director John Singleton, and he said he doesn’t think it’s a big deal that parents of several young women have come forward and said that their daughters are being held against their will.

“No, he’s not misunderstood. He has, you know, a bunch of girlfriends. A lot of people have a bunch of girlfriends,” Singleton said of Kelly after a TMZ cameraman asked if he thought the singer was misunderstood.

“The women that he’s with are adult women,” Singleton continued. “And they made the decision to be with him and know what they’re getting into.”

The cameraman went on to ask the director if Kelly should be compared to Bill Cosby, and Singleton said no.

I wonder if Singleton, as a man who has three daughters, would approve of them spending time with Kelly even though they are “of age.”

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