Fresh from her fashion-filled tour of Europe this summer with NBA hubby Dwyane Wade, Gabrielle Union has just introduced her own fashion line, designed exclusively for New York & Co.

The “Being Mary Jane” star launched an affordable line of easy-to-style kimono jackets, flattering sweater dresses, off-shoulder jumpsuits and more, in colors such as Ming blue, mango salsa and rose, as well as neutral beige, black and white.

The collaboration will run through spring, and new deliveries will drop every couple of months, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Sizes range from 0 to 20, and prices range from $46.95-$139.95.

THR sat down with the designer in Los Angeles to get more details. View excerpts of the Q&A below:

How long has your line been in the works?

Almost a year. It goes by so fast … we’re already finalizing the next collection for October and designing February now. It’s wild that people are seeing it finally; now I feel like I’m tossing my baby into a crowd.

Have you had a passion for fashion since you were a little girl?

I had always looked at it as being for other people. I talk a lot about worthiness … it was always something where I felt, “She looks so cool,” and I wanted that but didn’t know how to put it all together. Desperately Seeking Susan and Pretty In Pink were big fashion inspirations when I was growing up, but it was for other people — on TV or in movies, not from a girl like me from Omaha. For me, it was whatever my parents could afford at the mall. Even in my thirties, I didn’t think it was for me. This was a good marriage that happened at the right time in the right mental space.

Do you have memories of your brand from the mall when you were a kid?

My sister was a manager at Lerner, which was the forerunner to New York & Co.! I lived for her wardrobe. Every time she’d leave with those big padded shoulder blazers, she was to me the original boss bitch because she didn’t have to listen to our parents because she didn’t need their money. She rose up the ranks, still in high school, to become a manager. To me, that was power. And I didn’t know until recently that Lerner and New York & Co. are the same company, and it makes perfect sense. It’s full circle.

What was your favorite part of designing the collection?

Being able to explore all the parts of my closet. My character Mary Jane has left a lasting imprint on a lot of people’s lives and I wanted to service a lot that we put into Mary Jane’s wardrobe, but also wanted to show people what my own closet looks like, things I wear on my own time when I’m not Mary Jane or another character. And New York & Co. gave me the latitude to explore my tough casual side, my drop crotch joggers, which I pair with sneakers … my kimonos, my bold color trenches. This is things I actually wear, this is me, not just slapping my name on something.

Will you do a runway show for this collection?

Honey, every day is a fashion show! Check my social media!

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