Harry Belafonte concerned about Trump supporters

Harry Belafonte, who initially endorsed Bernie Sanders during the primary season, has shifted his support to Hillary Clinton.

The legendary entertainer appeared on Saturday’s episode of “CNN Newsroom with Fredricka Whitfield” and shared his thoughts on the election season, including his concern over Donald Trump’s number of supporters.

“I think America sits at its most critical space I’ve every known our country to be,” he said to Whitfield. “I think it’s one thing to flippantly dismiss Donald Trump as some phenomena or some peculiar phenomena. I think Americans think of him very seriously. I’m not as concerned about him and the distortions of his character, as I have about the fact that obviously 13 million people have declared themselves committed to his ideology, and committed to his philosophy. That’s a big number.”

When asked what impact he thinks the election will have on the current climate, Belafonte summed it up when he said there’s no “ambivalence” between the ideologies of the two candidates.

Welp. He’s right about that.

Check out Harry Belafonte’s CNN Newsroom segment here.