Kevin Hart is not happy with people labeling his wife a homewrecker.

During an interview on “The Breakfast Club,” Hart touched on the public backlash his wife, Eniko, received when it was revealed that he cheated on her.

Due to popular opinion that Eniko was Hart’s “mistress” when he was married to his ex-wife,Torrei Hart, many felt Eniko was only reaping karma for stealing someone else’s man.

“The one thing that really bothered me… where I had to calm down… because you see, with the media and all that s***, I’m good with that. Thickest skin ever. I’m so good with that,” he started out, referring to the heat that he had taken since his sex tape scandal. “Like I said, take my lashings, and I’ll step back and let it happen, and I’ll resurface in a little bit and go back to life.”

“But when people try to put this s*** on her [Eniko], ‘karma,’ ‘homewrecker,’ ‘that’s karma’,” Hart continued. “That’s the s*** that almost got under my skin, and I had to f*****g breathe for a minute.”

“Because that title was put on her by my ex, out of anger, out of whatever,” Hart said.

He was careful not to call out Torrei Hart too much, saying, “You can look up anything in history, you’ve never heard me bad talk my kid’s mother. I’d never. I don’t do it; it’s not in my character. Never.”

“But, in her most emotional time, she lashed out against Eniko,” Hart said. “So those titles of ‘homewrecker’, ‘mistress’, all that stuff put out a portrayal from an image that wasn’t true.”

During the same interview, Hart was said he takes full responsibility for his “f*ck up” and “hopes” his wife can forgive him.

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