Nothing good usually comes of a rape joke. In fact, most of the jokes couldn’t even be considered funny. NeNe Leakes just learned this lesson the hard way as one of her “rape jokes” just cost her a spot on The Great Xscape Tour.

For those who may have missed the news, NeNe is doing stand up comedy now, performing all over the country. But one attendee of a recent show didn’t appreciate her material. And apparently, the woman started heckling NeNe.

In an attempt to regain control of the audience, NeNe said, she hoped the woman’s Uber driver raped her when he took her home, that he stole her Hello Kitty.

It was clearly a desperate and ill-conceived attempt to one-up the woman. As you can imagine, it did not go over well.

After the backlash for the comment started pouring in, NeNe issued this apology via her Instagram page.

She even shed tears over the incident in a recent Instagram Live video.

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