Patti LaBelle brings pies & more to new cooking show

This time last year, everyone was trying to figure out a way to get their hands on one of Patti LaBelle’s sweet potato pies, affectionately known as “Patti pie.” The hunt was on after YouTube personality James Wright Chanel put together a damn good review of the dessert, breaking out into LaBelle’s signature songs as he bit into each piece. Now fans will get to see how the legendary singer and talented cook makes not only pies but all of her meals (without having to flip through her cookbooks) thanks to her new Cooking Channel show.

According to Eater, six half-hour episodes have been ordered of Patti LaBelle’s Place, and the show is set to debut next month. She will invite her celebrity friends to enter the kitchen with her to make things like her Southern-style fried corn, her secret homemade salad dressing recipe, some delicious fried chicken and catfish, and “sauteéd green beans a La Bella.” According to, guests include 50 Cent, Gayle King, Kirk Franklin, Erica Campbell, stylist Joe Zee and celebrity chef Carla Hall.

The actual series follows the Patti LaBelle’s Place special she put together for the Cooking Channel last year, as well as a special centered around pies after her sweet potato offerings went viral thanks to Chanel.

You can tune into all of the fun when back-to-back episodes of the show premiere on the Cooking Channel on December 3 at 11 a.m. With the singer’s colorful personality, even if you can’t seem to learn how to make her dishes, it’s sure to be entertaining.