Now that Lifetime’s full six-part docuseries Surviving R. Kelly has aired, many have been anticipating what R. Kelly himself has to say about the shocking claims and allegations that were brought against him throughout the series. Well, if a new Facebook page is any indication, you won’t have to wait long.

According to reports, R. Kelly is gearing up to finally tell his side of things and expose his accusers one-by-one courtesy of an upcoming Facebook page and website. In an effort to expose his accusers for the “blatant lies” that were repeatedly told against him in the Surviving R. Kellydocuseries, the R&B legend is picking off his accusers claims one at a time, sources close to him have revealed.

His camp also reveals that in addition to the new Facebook page, there is also a new website launching called, which is said to expose his accusers true motives for speaking out after several years of silence.

In the meantime, the ‘Surviving Lies’ Facebook page is not yet live, but when it does get up and running, the first person to be exposed is reportedly Asante McGee. If you recall, McGee is one of the women who claims that she was a sex slave of R. Kelly’s, but there is a new video his team has put out that they say contradicts her story.

The YouTube video features McGee’s daughter, who has debunked her mother’s claims of sexual abuse and control at the hands of Kelly in a leaked phone conversation with her boyfriend, allegedly telling him that her mother often bragged of the luxurious lifestyle and the perks of being with R. Kelly. It also goes on to list McGee’s previous arrests and claims that she is conspiring with Joycelyn Savage’s father to extort R. Kelly.

There is no word yet when the Facebook page and accompanying website are set to go live, but with Surviving R. Kelly still being the hot topic of conversation days after it has aired, Kelly and his team are likely aiming to activate both pages sooner rather than later.

One thing’s for sure, this whole thing is definitely far from over and tons of other details are bound to come out.