The new anti-abortion HB 314 law that was signed in Alabama has caused outrage across the world. The law forbids doctors from performing any abortion procedures, even if the woman is a rape victim. If any doctor goes against this law, they will receive prison time. Kay Ivey signed the Alabama Human Life Protection Act last week.

While in Alabama for his performance at the 2019 Hangout Music Festival, rapper Travis Scott showed support to the women affected by this law. During his set he announced that he will be making a donation to Planned Parenthood, an organization dedicated to educating women about reproductive health and providing affordable health care.

“I wanna donate my net profits from my merch today to Planned Parenthood,” he said during his performance. “We feel for those in Alabama. I love you all. I just want everyone to know that love is the strongest thing that we can have.”

Similar legislation was recently signed in Missouri. The Missouri Senate passed a bill that prohibits abortions eight weeks into a woman’s pregnancy. This bill allows exceptions for women with medical emergencies but still does not have an exception for women who were raped. It still has to be passed by the House.

Many other celebs have expressed being appalled by the passing of this bill, including Rihanna.

“These are the idiots making decisions for WOMEN in America. Governor Kay Ivey…SHAME ON YOU!!!!,” she wrote on Instagram.

Using the hashtag, #YouKnowMe, KeKe Palmer spoke out against the law and revealed that she had her own experience with abortion outside of the country in a now deleted tweet.

“I was 24, in Europe, very far away from home. I was worried about my career responsibilities and afraid that I could not exist as both a career woman and mother. #YouKnowMe” she tweeted. She added, “I am disheartened about hearing the news in Alabama. I feel as if women rights laws are going backwards. Individual choice is being taken. I’m truly so confused at the world rn and the policies that follow. #YouKnowMe.”