A week after he published a letter detailing his heartfelt sentiments on Obama’s legacy, T.I. is opening up about President-elect Donald Trump.

On Friday, the rapper published his second installment in a series of open letters addressing social issues, this time on RollingStone.com. Unlike his previous op-ed, the Grammy Award winner is offering candid commentary on Donald Trump’s looming presidency.

He opens the letter:

As I share my thoughts, I want to first say that it’s easy to allow one’s frustration and angst to lead to reckless and harmful rhetoric that can cause irreparable damage. With that said, I want to be responsible, honest and respectful, but in no way apologetic about the rage and resentment that many of US have been suppressing for far too long. In turn, I hope that we can be equally as honest about the prejudice, bias and narrow-mindedness that many of US have felt our nation has been disguising and denying for far too long.

T.I. wrote that he wants the letter to serve as an opportunity to share “what many of us would like you to see” during Trump’s presidency.

“Should it ever at times seem as though we are against you, I assure you it’s a result of you defining yourself as the representative for those who are and who always have been against us,” he wrote.

“The deck has always been stacked against us in this country. With every generation there has been strategic steps taken to oppress, imprison and control US. All we’ve ever wanted was equality and empathy as the historically disenfranchised citizens that we are, in a nation that we’ve contributed to just as much as anyone else who calls America their home,” he continued.

The Atlanta-native’s message to Trump couldn’t have come at a better time, as the President-elect responded to John Lewis’ statement that he isn’t a “legitimate” president by tweeting on Saturday that the Civil Rights leader and Georgia politician is “all talk, talk, talk ― no action or results.”

In an effort to hold Trump and others accountable for perpetuating divisiveness, T.I. wrote that he “can’t help but ask on behalf of all of us… how do we address and hold accountable those who create, allow and prolong the darkness?”

Read more of T.I.’s thoughts on President-elect Donald Trump here.

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