The Weeknd seems to be in a charitable mood.

E News reports the Grammy Award winner has donated $100,000 to the Suubi Health Center in Budondo, Uganda. According to the site, the singer-songwriter was inspired to contribute by his friend, rapper French Montana, who recently began raising awareness for the needs of Suubi and the people of Uganda through the Global Citizen and Mama Hope foundations.

In February, Montana launched a viral social media campaign, #Unforgettable, and donated $100,000 to help the Suubi Health Center finance incubators, ambulances, cribs and a blood bank. The Weeknd’s donation will benefit the completion of construction of the first floor of center’s maternity clinic and massively increase its occupancy capacity.

In 2016, the Toronto native pledged $250,000 to the Black Lives Matter movement in an effort to combat police violence, and donated approximately $38,000 to University of Toronto to help the school develop an Ethiopic Studies program.

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