Each year, the month of April is set aside as National Poetry Month, a time to celebrate poets and their craft. In Houston, the poetry scene is spotlights some of the most talented spoken word artists in the country.

This weekend, we kick off the Defender Showcase with the talented, Joe P. Palmore….

Defender: How did you get started doing spoken word?

Joe: I’ve been in theatre all my life. My dad was an Actor and a Professor of Theatre and Communication. My mom was Preacher. So, I’ve always been around “words” and performance. I would write poems as gifts or for assignments in high school. It wasn’t until I moved back to Houston after being in Atlanta at CAU, that I became serious about poetry. I saw a friend perform and it changed my life. I became passionate about wanting to do poetry. I sat down with that friend, and wrote my first four official poems. The first time I performed, I wrote a piece for my parent’s church that went along with their sermon. My second time on stage with poetry was at Mr. A’s. Then I connected with Seven and the Poetry Lounge, and I’ve been growing ever since and letting my words make a name for me. I’ve always been a lover of words and the power of them.

Defender: How do you develop your material?

Joe:From life experiences I’ve gone through or have seen firsthand others go through. Then I go through vigorous rehearsal, developing how I want to present the piece. I try to develop poems as organically as possible.

Defender: What are you trying to accomplish with your work?

Joe:For my words to be heard by the masses. I want to help people find what their purpose is on this earth. I want to be a vessel of truth through performance. Also, to teach others the things I’ve been taught, to build a community of talented artists in this city and beyond.

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