Mikaela Spielberg, the daughter of the acclaimed filmmaker Steven Spielberg, is setting the record straight after her run-in with the law back in February over a domestic violence charge.

She recently did an interview with The Sun to talk about her new career in the adult entertainment industry and how that was less of an issue for her parents than her use of alcohol.

Mikaela attributes her alcohol use to the domestic dispute involving her boyfriend, which caused her to get arrested.

“My parents – despite what people have written – aren’t embarrassed, they were actually kind of expecting it to be my career,” the 24-year-old said of her porn career. “Some sort of outsider art… or taboo art, because they’ve always known that I was a little bit neurotic.

That’s not to say all performers are neurotic…just the kind of performer I am – they’ve always known that whatever I wanted to do in life I probably was going to do it whether they liked it or not.”

Mikaela is the adopted daughter of Spielberg and his wife of nearly 30 years, actress Kate Capshaw. They adopted her the year she was born in 1996, according to People.

Mikaela says she’s witnessed people saying things like “I feel sorry for your parents” when talking about her porn career, however she says this doesn’t concern her parents nearly as much as her use of alcohol.

Towards the end of February, Mikaela was arrested on a domestic violence charge after a night of drinking. She was held for 12 hours in Nashville, Tennessee, following a call for medical help for her partner, 47-year-oldChuck Pankow.

A trial for the incident is scheduled for next month and Mikaela said she quit drinking since the arrest.

“My responsibilities in this was my intoxication – that was my responsibility,” she said. “I had a duty to my neighbors and to my partner to not be that intoxicated. That’s what I’m going to take responsibility for. And I also had a duty to myself to not put myself in harm’s way like that.”

Mikaela went on to say that it was her drinking that concerned her parents most in regards to her career.

“Before I got sober, they [my parents] were like, ‘We’re scared about your drinking. I’m more scared that you’re going to die from that,’” she said. “They also were thinking about the career stuff. They were like, as long as those two things are separate, we’re not embarrassed by you. In fact, they said that we’re not surprised because, ‘You were such a free spirit that your choice in career doesn’t surprise us at all.’”

Meanwhile, Chuck and Mikaela say they hope the charge against her can be resolved, and they can continue on with their lives.

According to the police report, Chuck suffered an injury to his wrist, but he was adamant that Mikaela didn’t cause the injury. He told The Sun, “I’m really hoping this thing is a huge misunderstanding and I really hope they drop it…That traumatized me watching her get cuffed. I can’t imagine how she felt.”

Mikaela’s lawyer Kurt Bartlett said, “I am confident we will ultimately get the case dismissed and expunged.”

Mikaela says her relationship with Chuck has improved since she stopped drinking.

“We have got closer because we’ve realized that like we’re more than drunken verbal bickering and we’re more than just sitting there drinking together and we’re more than just ‘I’m right. You’re right. I’m right. You’re right.’ That back and forth – like not coming together,” she said. “We’re more than life partners…he’s my rock. I’ve built a lot of trust for him since this has all come out and I’m really enjoying having him with me when my career is kind of taking off a little bit. It’s exciting.”

According to Chuck, the two have known each other for three years. He’s also supportive of her porn career, saying that their relationship has never been stronger.

“It was a little weird at first when she was telling me what she wanted to do – I thought it was a little unusual,” the pro darts player said. “A conversation we had I asked her, ‘But I feel you have so much more to offer the world than t*ts and a**’ and she looked at me and said ‘Well why not both?’ So I couldn’t really argue with that.”

“If she’s happy and safe, I’m fine with it,” he explained.

Mikaela, who is Black, says that although she occasionally still receives vile messages about her porn career — especially from men “within my racial community” — the most support she’s received has been from Black women.

“I get lots of love from Black women every day in this community of the industry I’m in,” she said. “I get so much love and tenderness from them and so much love and tenderness with everybody, all shapes, sizes, colors, or whatever.”

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