After seven years, actress Racquel Bailey has finally received what she’s been praying for: a role in a Tyler Perry production.

In 2012, Bailey used her last paycheck to purchase a billboard in Atlanta asking Tyler Perry to cast her in his next movie. The stunt did not garner Perry’s attention in the way that Bailey had wished; however, she never gave up hope. This past June, Bailey shelled out thousands of dollars for a similar billboard.

Despite the public scolding, Perry extended an invitation to Bailey to audition, which she graciously accepted. According to TMZ, that audition has resulted in a role on Perry’s new series, Sistas.

Bailey will appear in the finale of season one and potentially, season two. Reportedly, she will be playing the role of a police officer and ex-lover of one of the series’ lead characters.

While it’s definitely not the leading role she’d hoped for, it’s reported that the actress has two big auditions coming up. It seems that her efforts have paid off after all.