As the first winner of the Defender Experience: Prom Edition, Devin Williams enjoyed star treatment from the departure from his home in an SUV limo to the red carpet upon arriving at the Alief Taylor High School prom at the Corinthian. Devin sported a white tuxedo while his date Destiny Medina wore a black and gold flowing gown. Eleanor Williams, Devin’s mother, completed the winning application and received a dozen roses from Defender CEO Sonny Messiah Jiles in appreciation for being a supportive member of the Defender Network family. After a photo and video session, Devin and Destiny were transported in a limo by Taylor Elite Transportation to the dining destination.  Bryan Taylor specially prepared the limo with Devin’s favorite musical jams and snacks.  Arriving at the first-class restaurant Ibiza downtown, Devin and Destiny were greeted by restaurateur and executive chef Charles Clark and Corporate Sales/Special Events director Cecilia Edwards as they were guided to reserved seating with candlelight. The personalized menu featured many of his Devin’s favorite seafood dishes, including grilled shrimp with crabmeat cornbread and tasso fricassee, grilled Louisiana spiced shrimp with pancetta and braised Brussels sprouts. As an added touch to a special night, Chef Clark prepared a unique dessert featuring salted caramel ice cream and chocolate hazelnut toffee on top of a warm Nutella brownie served with a side of cotton candy served with fun sparklers. As 9 p.m. fast approached, Devin and Destiny were whisked off to the prom at the Corinthian with the red-carpet treatment, attracting their classmates’ wonder and amazement. When the prom ended, both Devin and Destiny received a Defender gift pack and a Taylor Elite gift box which included the book titled Training Camp: What the Best Do Better Than Everyone Else by Noah Gordon.