For the past 16 years, KRIV-FOX 26 news reporter, Isiah Carey has been a staple in the Houston community. Now, his longevity and community commitment are paying off.

“The Isiah Factor” is already a popular segment on Fox 26. It started from Carey’s blog, which he created in 2005. Over the years, the blog became such a success, that it’s landed him here – with his own talk show, in nightly prime time.

Here, Carey talks with the Defender about what we can expect as “The Isiah Factor” goes prime time.

Defender: How would you describe your show, “The Isiah Factor” now that it will be a full-fledged daily show?

Isiah Carey: Almost as “infotainment,” where we have lots of information, regular news that people can use, and entertainment. We’ll also have lots of live guests. We’ll profile some of the newsmakers here in the city, entertainers that are already here and those that come in. It’s a potpourri mix of things that can be editorialized. I have no constraints as host so it will be different from typical newscast. I’ll get to give my opinion, say what I feel and have a good time.

Defender: Your show, as is, is one of the most popular segments on Fox 26. How did you start doing it?

Carey: It started as my blog back in 2005, called the Insite. It was just stuff I couldn’t get on TV. I’d put it on the blog or the website and basically talk about things on a day-to-day basis that I found interesting and relevant. Fox’s management decided to translate the blog to a once-a-week segment. Then it went to a daily segment, then five-15 minutes on Thursday’s at five, then half hour, then a full hour. Now, here we are today.

Defender: At a time when you see a lot of shows being cancelled, why do you think you’re not only surviving, but thriving?

Carey: I think it’s a combination of longevity – I’ve been in Houston since 2001, and being active in the community. I have done a lot of stories where I often get out and meet people. I’ve done an annual air conditioning drive for senior citizens. As I move into a full show, I thank God first. This is a blessing. All I ever imagined for myself was reporting during the week, and maybe anchoring on the weekends. To have a show with your name on it, doing what you love, I’m excited about that.

About Isiah Carey

Originally from Baton Rouge, La., Carey made his debut in front of the camera at the age of 5, on a weekly local segment called “Thought for the Day” on WVLA-TV.

But it wasn’t until 1978 when, as a third-grade student, Carey realized that he wanted to be a reporter on TV. A local television journalist spoke to his class, and inspired Carey to contact a Baton Rouge TV station, asking for a summer job. He got the job and worked at that station every summer, for no credit, until he went away to college. Before graduating from Southern

University in Baton Rouge, he was already a news anchor and a reporter for the city’s WXOK-AM Radio.

By 1990, Carey was the news director and anchor at KQXL-AM and WYCT-FM, where he managed a small news staff. He earned his first real TV job as a reporter and Public Affairs talk show host at WVLA. In 1991, he re-joined WAFB-TV, the same station he shadowed as a third grader. He remained there for four years. He joined KRIV-TV in 2001.

Carey has won several awards, including an Emmy and an award from the Society of Professional Journalists.

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