Alyson Messenger, Managing Staff Attorney for Jenesse said, “The Unite For Families Pro Bono Family Law Project represents an exciting step forward in addressing the tremendous need for family law legal assistance in our communities.

Far too many families struggle to navigate the legal system by themselves, often for years without a satisfactory resolution.

By combining our shared experience and mission of fostering healthy families, Jenesse Center and Levitt & Quinn’s goal is that Unite For Families becomes a resource and a beacon of hope for those with family law issues.”

Trained family law professionals will meet one-on-one with participants to educate families about their rights and responsibilities, as well as identify the steps necessary to move their family law cases forward. These quarterly clinics will provide free private consultations for participants.

“It’s fitting that Levitt & Quinn and Jenesse Center came together to create this new clinic. Both organizations were founded in 1981 by women who saw a community need, and without any obligation to do so, volunteered to create new nonprofit organizations to address those needs,” said Levitt & Quinn Executive Director Ana M. Storey.

Family law cases are some of the most difficult for low-income families to resolve. Lack of resolution leaves families struggling with issues that can affect the emotional, physical and financial well-being of children and families for years to come. Via this collaboration, both Levitt & Quinn and Jenesse Center strive to give low-income families in South Los Angeles and beyond access to justice.

Karen Earl, Jenesse CEO said, “Unite For Families is the culmination of a long-held dream of Jenesse’s to provide meaningful pro bono legal assistance to families with family law issues.  We know firsthand the pain and heartache that parents go through when they need legal help creating structure and stability for themselves and their children – and they can’t find it.

Unite For Families represents a lifeline in a community that is often forgotten and overlooked, but in most need of assistance.   The fact that we are doing Unite For Families with Levitt & Quinn is extra special.

The shared history of our organizations, which were both founded by women committed to making a difference in their communities, underscores the purpose of this project which is to heal families and connect communities with the help needed to thrive.  I am honored to work with visionaries! That’s how it all begins.”

About Jenesse

Established in 1980, Jenesse Center is a nationally recognized non-profit organization dedicated to the prevention and intervention of domestic violence.  Jenesse’s mission is to provide victims and their children with a comprehensive, centralized base of support that is culturally responsive, and ensures their transition from immediate crisis to stability and self-sufficiency.  Jenesse seeks to prevent and end the cycle of domestic violence through education, public awareness and outreach initiatives, public policy and advocacy strategies, and innovative collaborations with key partners.

About Levitt & Quinn

Levitt & Quinn Family Law Center is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that provide free and low cost legal representation in family law matters to low-income families of Los Angeles County to ensure stability for children and their families in the face of legal difficulties. Levitt & Quinn’s expert attorneys practice in key areas of family law, including adoption, child support or spouse support, custody, visitation, domestic violence, marital dissolution and paternity.

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