There has been so much scrutiny around the Wade family regarding their son and gender fluidity. It illustrates the social constraints surrounding clothing and the gender constraints. Sometimes there are just preferences. This is what led to Allie Friday, owner of Mini Friday, a children’s boutique in Atlanta that sells gender-neutral kids clothing.

She told What Now Atlanta“The inspiration for Mini Friday really came from my daughter who only wanted to wear clothes she thought were cool and comfy.” Her daughter, Erin would complain about wearing clothing that were geared towards girls. “She loved her brothers’ style but sometimes wanted to dress like her sister. Finding fashion for her that met in the middle was nearly impossible.”

The store, which has been open since May 2019, offers clothing for children from 2 to 8 years and plans to roll out an upcycling program where customers can return outgrown or used clothing and get a discount toward their next purchase at Mini Friday. Friday’s daughter, Erin, explained to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, “When I was about 5, I felt like, if I wore a dress, I wasn’t being Erin. I was just wearing what someone told me to wear.” She affirmed the store stating, “This is a place where kids can be themselves.” Allie Friday explained, “I decided I wanted to open my own gender-neutral, safe space for all children who simply want to wear what they like, without judgement. At the end of the day, I just want a happy kid.”

The store sells clothing from the US and the UK and empowers kids by

The store is located in Ponce City Market in Atlanta  and open daily from 11AM to 7PM. Friday has hopes to expand to Los Angeles and Miami in the future.