Who is Cassius Graham?

Age: 27

Occupation: Personal Trainer, actor, model

Education: Hardin-Simmons University

Major: Marketing

Motto: “Life is whatever you start. Finish no matter what.”

Motivated by: “What motivates me is never going back to the poor life I used to live. So, I work every day as though I don’t have a dollar in my pocket.”

Unknown facts: “When I was 11, I had a tumor in my jaw the size of a grapefruit and it had to be surgically removed. I had plastic surgery on the right side of my face.”

Fitness start: “My father got me into fitness. He used to let me watch him train in our garage and it inspired me to be just like him when I got older.”

Fitness goal: “My fitness goal is to be healthy externally and internally. I want to be shredded, with my heart, arteries and bones functioning perfectly.”

Fitness advice: “Give yourself an attainable goal to complete within 30 to 60 days. If you complete them, give yourself another, and another, etc., until one year has passed.”

Social Media
IG: @cassius30
Twitter: @cassius30gram
TikTok: @cassius30

I’m a vegan.

“Breakfast for me is organic oatmeal, milk and cinnamon. Lunch is usually a veggie bowl, with broccoli, brown rice, quinoa, sweet potatoes, avocados, and if I want extra protein, I’ll add Beyond Meat [a plant-based meat substitute].”

Physical: I do metabolic movements.

“My most effective fitness activities are metabolic movements such as burpees, sprints, full-body presses, really just anything to jump your heart rate. I think HIIT [high-intensity interval training] training is the most efficient way to get fit fast.

“Regarding COVID-19, the most important thing is to stay home. At home you can do bodyweight exercises. For example, try body squats, sit-ups, burpees and calf raises.”

Mental: I find humor in life.

“To create balance in my life, I find the humor in every situation no matter how bad, or how sad, I always find the humor in it. If you can laugh at it, you can get over it.”

Spiritual: I pray every morning.

“Prayer is powerful. I pray every morning and during the day too, if need be. I also pray before I go to sleep.”