Who is Crystal Hadnott?

Age: 41

Occupation: Certified Integrative Nutritionist & Functional Wellness Coach

Company: Synergy Total Holistic Health & Wellness

Motto: “When I stand before God at the end of my life, I hope I have not a bit of talent left and can say, ‘I used everything you gave me.’”

Motivated by: “There is a famous quote that states: ‘If you are losing faith in human nature, go out and watch a marathon.’ I would say watch (or even run) a marathon and the motivation is limitless. The ability to challenge the body to push beyond the natural limits is motivating. Witnessing change through movement is beyond motivation.”

Unknown facts: “In my first life, I was a professor of political science and governmental relations officer/lobbyist.”

Fitness start: “I grew up with a love for fitness. I started off as a tennis player. After a freak fall at work, I had paralysis for a few months, and had to learn to walk again. During my recovery period and witnessing my body’s ability to heal, I began to value movement. I made a promise to myself to never take the ability to move for granted. I went from learning to walk to running a marathon — well over 150 marathons. This led to Pilates, endurance cycling, yoga and now boxing!”

Fitness advice: “Don’t bite off more than you can chew – literally and figuratively. Chew your food slowly. That is, make some transitional changes in segments. Operate on the 80-20 rule, allow yourself time to breathe along with having goals. Fit in the exercise: try squats while on conference calls, wall sits while brushing your teeth, take the stairs, or walk for 10 minutes during your lunch hour. Find a fitness activity that you love and do that one thing and do it often…just move!”

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First, I eat a whole pizza every Saturday!

“During the week, I am more structured because I am eating intuitively for focus, fuel and function. Plus, I have an autoimmune disease, so it is a little restricted. I have chosen to heal through food vs. medication – not saying medication is not needed. Before breakfast, I have a protein shake. For breakfast, I typically eat boiled eggs, grapefruit and walnuts. My morning and afternoon snacks consist of trail mix with seasonal ingredients. For lunch, I’ll have a smoothie with supplements, non-dairy milk, banana, collagen and frozen berries. A typical dinner consists of greens, avocado, MCT oil, feta, lean protein, tomatoes, cucumbers, golden raisins. Before bed, I’ll have a protein shake.”

Physical: I believe the body needs variety.

“I run for my mental fitness, I do Pilates for the strength and fluidity of my muscles, yoga for the flexibility of my joints and muscles, and boxing to release tension in my muscles.”

Mental: I meditate and ground myself outdoors daily.

Crystal often runs wearing pearls. “The pearl necklace is my mother’s. Since her death, I have worn the pearls and red lipstick to have her with me since she was always at the finish line.”

“I think it is imperative to intentionally operate with your life’s purpose and with passion and gratitude with the understanding that life is not just a marathon, but it is like a relay race – you will have straightaways and curves to run. In addition, I believe in analyzing my primary food and secondary foods. That is, things I am eating along with things that could be eating me!”

Spiritual: I focus on my total self.

“It’s important to focus not only on your physical health – diet and fitness, but also on your mental and spiritual health. It all works together to create a healthy balance in life. Also, set goals. My fitness goal is to hike Kilimanjaro possibly in June. Then, I will complete running a marathon in each of the 50 states along with the World Major Marathons internationally.”