Leon's before and after.


Who is Leon Spencer III?


Age: 30

Occupation: Category Manager, Fuel Sales & Marketing, Motiva Enterprises LLC

Education: TSU | UH-D

Major: B.S. – Biology/Chemistry | MBA – Supply Chain Management

Motto: “Hustle until you make it.”

Motivated by: “My continuous improvement mindset motivates me and keeps me curious. I am always looking for ways to do everything smarter, faster, and more efficiently, while reducing and/or avoiding costs. I am never satisfied and consistently challenge everything to ensure I am competitive in every spectrum in life.”

Unknown facts: “I am internationally known for being one of the best in my fraternity (Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc.) for performing innovative variations of ‘stepping to music’ called ‘party hopping.’ Also, I am an introvert that has mastered being a strategic extrovert.

“I also host professional development seminars that teach collegiate students, recent grads, and young professionals my four-phase approach on how to strategically source a career role, prep for an interview to stand out among the competition, and negotiate the offer letter to maximize the total compensation package.”

Fitness start: “Honestly, I wanted to have a 6-pack, while having the strength, agility and build of an athlete the rest of my life.”

Fitness advice: “Research everything yourself or pay for convenience (if you have the money like that). At the end of the day, you will either become a scientist or a customer. You can research best practices, case studies, articles, bodybuilding methodologies, workouts, exercises and trial and error on yourself until you get it right. Or, you can also pay a personal trainer to get you in shape while you may or may not learn through execution and inspired curiosity.

I chose the research way. Even though it took me a few years to get it right and forever trying new methods, exercises, and dieting strategies on myself, I have the depth of knowledge that goes beyond a certification and a job title, and that’s the experience of failures and successes with the understanding of what works best for my body, and not the general population.”

Social Media

IG: @mrtsuturnup


I follow a plant-based diet six days out the week.

“On the seventh day of the week, I eat whatever I like in combination with 16:8 intermittent fasting.”

Breakfast: Oatmeal with a scoop of protein powder and two slices of whole grain bread

Lunch: A grain bowl consisting of kale, brown rice, lentil beans, carrots and almonds

Dinner: Same as lunch

Post workout: Shake consisting of water, bananas, frozen fruit, and a scoop of plant-based protein powder

Snack: Birthday cake protein cookie by Lenny & Larry

“I heavily utilize intermittent fasting as a tool to maintain and strategically manipulate my weight as well.”

Physical: HIIT-style, full-body workouts are most effective for me.

“I combine HIIT-style [high-intensity interval training], full-body workouts with ab supersets instead of resting. I also play basketball for about an hour (averaging about 1,000 calories+ burned) or so for those days I attend a never-ending happy hour, or if I ended my day in a huge caloric surplus the day before. This helps me to reduce my caloric surplus as close to neutral as possible.

I also do sprint intervals as a warmup (first 10 mins.) with full-body workouts utilizing the compound movement lifts, super-setting opposing body parts with abs in between sets rather than resting.

For example: Bench press superset with weighted lat pull downs and hanging leg raises instead of resting, repeat for 3 sets moderate-to-heavy weight (5-8 reps) high intensity. Complete in 20 minutes.

Then, superset a variation of legs (squats), superset with shoulder exercises (standing overhead press) with an ab exercise consisting of twisting instead of resting. Repeat for 3 sets moderate-to-heavy weight (5-8 reps) high intensity. Complete in 20 minutes.

Last, I superset a variation of biceps (weighted ez-curl bar) superset with triceps (dips). Repeat for 3 sets, moderate-to-heavy (5-8 reps), high intensity, with 90-seconds or less of rest in between. Complete in 10 minutes. I’m normally done with my workout in 70 minutes max, and everything else is reduced effort beyond that threshold.”

Mental: Always be in fighting trim, agile athletic shape.

Leon’s before and after.

“Mentally, my goal is to always be in athletic shape instead of having to get back into shape. It took too much work to start over. The agile, athletic shape is adaptable and above-average to any sport or high-intensity situation while appearing shredded and strong with abs, weighing in around 180, benching 300, squatting 415 and deadlifting 415.

I also like spending quality time with my fiancé Brittany Ashford. While we don’t always work out together, we dedicate time to work out daily to release stress and build toward our fitness goals. In that sense, we have a common goal.”

Spiritual: I meditate for five minutes every morning.

“In addition to meditating for five minutes every morning upon waking up, I read Joel Osteen’s spiritual word of the day email, attend church every Sunday, and thank the Lord randomly throughout the day for the blessing already being prepared for me per my faith and His promise.”[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]