Who is Michelle Fennick?

Age: 48

Occupation: Consultant, Author, Keynote Speaker

Education: University of Houston (B.S.), Prairie View A&M University (M.Ed, PhD)

Major: Educational Leadership

Motto: “I am blessed beyond this life.”

Motivated by: “I am motivated by ‘my why.’ I want to be at my optimum level for my family and myself for as long as possible. Having positive and encouraging accountability partners help.”

Unknown facts: “I power walked on the Great Wall of China, and I hosted my own talk radio show.”

Fitness start: “When I was 11, I fell in love with long-distance running. Exercise was cathartic and healing.”

Fitness goal: “My fitness goal is to maintain my clothing size, healthy numbers, energy and zeal for life.”

Fitness advice: “My advice is to set reasonable smart goals, identify a quality accountability partner, prioritize healthy activities, embrace fitness as a journey as opposed to a destination, and be loving and gentle with yourself.”

Social Media:
IG: @TheDrMichelle
Twitter: @TheDrMichelle
Facebook: @TheDrMichelle
YouTube: @TheDrMichelle

I strive to eat clean.

“I eat very healthily and always strive to eat clean. I eat plant based as often as possible. I incorporate organic fruits and vegetables into my diet and drink tons of water.”

Physical: I keep it simple and consistent.

“I enjoy yoga, walking and meditation. Since the virus pandemic, I have adjusted my workout routine in response to the lack of access to the gym, park and yoga studio. I still do cardio and tapes at home. YouTube helps to provide a lot of variety. I find that yoga is even more helpful now as it causes me to feel centered and balanced. I’m expanding parts of my home to utilize as designated areas for exercise and meditation.”

Mental: I believe calendars are important.

“I emphasize the importance of keeping a calendar. This helps to gauge priority items. Meal preparation, exercise and self-care activities have to be scheduled.”

Spiritual: I pray and seek to hear from God.

“I am maintaining my joy amid the coronavirus quarantine by doing a number of things. I closely adhere to a schedule that includes specifically budgeting out time to practice intentional gratitude. I wake up early each morning to have quiet time and meditate. This time is very sacred, and I really pray and seek to hear from God. This time is very peaceful and helps me to have direction, maintain positivity and strengthens my faith. I also journal in a gratitude journal each day. I literally count all of my blessings and chart my process regarding various goals I have set for the year. Interestingly enough, I have used this time during the quarantine to meet many goals. Without a commute, I have gained hours to accomplish many things. Also, I appreciate that social distancing is not social disengagement, I attend church online and spend time in uplifting and positive conversations with my family and friends. I have loved ones I check on. I also enjoy my responsibilities regarding various organizations and professional commitments.”[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]