At every stage of life, women have unique and ever-changing health needs. That is why it is important for women to consistently stay connected to health care providers to guide them through health changes.

“A young woman’s health issues are sometimes different from those of a young man,” said Dr. Tamisha Jones, Legacy medical director of Pediatrics. “If not addressed properly with the personalized treatments they need at the right times in their lives, it could mean misdiagnosing serious health problems.”

Those personalized treatment options over a woman’s lifetime include well woman exams, family planning, vaccinations, adult primary care and life-saving screenings for hypertension, diabetes and even sexually transmitted diseases. 

One of the most important periods in a woman’s life to access healthcare involves family planning, pregnancy and the post-partum stage. Maternal mortality rates are high in Texas, with Black women more likely to die from pregnancy related complications than any other segment of the population. 

“Many of the problems that pregnant women face are preventable,” said Dr. Vian Nguyen, Legacy medical director of OB/GYN. “It’s important to always ask questions, keep your scheduled appointments and see a doctor before trying to get pregnant.”  

It is common for women, especially Black women, to fall in and out of care throughout their lives. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, an estimated 24 percent of Black women in Texas do not have a primary care doctor. Because women live longer, they have higher rates of disability and often face multiple chronic, ongoing health problems that can cause complications. 

Access to consistent routine care is crucial for a women’s short-term and long-term health.  From OB/GYN and pediatrics to geriatrics with all life stages in between, Legacy Community Health has a team of providers to integrate care for women as they navigate their health journey through life.  Regardless of whether you have insurance, we are here to help. 

Dr. Jones practices at the Legacy Fifth Ward Lyons location. Dr. Nguyen practices at the Legacy Mapleridge location.