The Defender is celebrating several ageless beauties who tell us their secrets to making sure they stay healthy and looking decades younger.

Burnetta James, 66

Beauty regimen:Drink plenty of water, protection from the sun and eat plenty of fruits and vegetables 

Tips to looking great:Have faith in God, enjoy life and use what you have. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to keep your skin at its best.

Angel Upshaw Cornelius, 59

Beauty regimen:I don’t use a lot of products, but what I do use are clean (sulfate, phosphate and paraben free) and plant-based. My facial regiment is very simple.  I cleanse my face with Maison 276 Honey & Oatmeal bar and moisturize with No. 8 Botaniques Dry Oil.  I believe the best foundation is healthy skin, so I use as little make-up as possible.  I only use foundation if I have a photoshoot or special event.  Regarding my hair, I began graying during my teen years.  After decades of using subpar products, I created my own hair care system for silver/blonde hair.  It’s specifically formulated to combat the naturally occurring changes in hair (dryness and porosity) while maintaining the natural brilliance of silver/blonde hair.  The products are sulfate/phosphate free and contain no harsh purple dyes.  For more information, visit

Tips to looking great:I was introduced to running during my freshman year at The University of Houston. The phrase ‘self-care’ didn’t even exist in the 70s.  And although I literally stumbled into running, I quickly realized how great it made me feel! Consequently, running became an integral part of my life. After four decades of running, I transitioned to cycling. My Peloton has replaced Memorial Park as my “me time.” You have to be intentional and committed to selfcare. For decades women have been made to feel guilty about taking time to care for themselves. We are finally starting to realize that you can’t pour from an empty cup. 

Rachel B Hill, 53

Beauty regimen: Dove soap, Witch Hazel Toner and coconut oil skin crème (the expensive stuff breaks my face out, LOL)

Tips to looking great:I contribute my beauty to great genetics.  My grandmother had flawless skin.  My suggestion is to drink plenty of water, exercise regularly, keep the stress to a minimum, eat a sensible diet and smile often life is too short. 

Yolanda Rhodes, 50

Beauty Regimen:I currently cleanse my skin every morning and at bedtime with Mary Kay Timewise cleanser and then apply Dermalogica skin smoothing cream. I’ve come a long way from my mom having me use salt in a warm face towel as an exfoliate at the age of 12 after I got my first acne. Lol! My mother was a firm believer in skin care and always made sure I took good care of my face and body.  

Tips for looking great:Maintain a healthy lifestyle and try to minimize stress. It’s okay to do all the things you love, if done in moderation.

Crystal Cooper, 42 

Beauty regimen: Plenty of water daily, 8 hours of sleep, and keeping skin moisturized naturally using coconut oil

Tips to looking great: Keeping a positive outlook on life, staying faithful, and taking time for myself(self-care).

Jaime V. Taylor, 38 

Beauty Regimen:Coconut oil and cocoa butter for the skin. I don’t wear a lot of makeup but when I do I make sure to remove it before I sleep

Tips to looking great:Even in these crazy times, try to remain stress free. I work hard as a nurse and a mom of three but I also meditate, I read a lot and I love riding my bike. If you’re feeling bomb on the inside you’re going to look radiant. PERIODT!

Obviously my kids are keeping me young as well 😉