The Fountain of Praise Co-Pastor Mia Wright shares how to maintain spiritual, mental and physical strength during the current coronavirus crisis.

Defender: What advice do you have for maintaining an upbeat attitude in light of social distancing and not gathering together traditionally?

Co-Pastor Mia Wright: In one of the most historical times of our lives, we have an opportunity to express our faith in the grandest manner possible. Faith is expecting substantial things when there is no evidence for it. We hear what the news says, and it does not look hopeful, but by faith, we believe things will change.

Our faith reveals that this pandemic will end and that we will come through this. Following the governmental and health experts’ directions restricting large gatherings has put a strain on many people. The place that they gain spiritual insight and encouragement, is the place that they cannot go, a place of worship. It’s a challenge that religious leaders understand.

What we see in this moment in our lives is the chance to use technology to connect. The church remains a leading organization in the world, and streaming services on the internet has been an option for many years. People have the unprecedented opportunity to connect with the faith community during live broadcasts, and by watching services “on demand.” The church will continue to meet the needs of the people; however, now collectively in a different manner.

I remind people to stay positive, balance what they hear in the news with their faith and God’s word, and to connect with others in the manner that they can. Reach out to those you love by calling or initiating a video chat. We are scattered “together” during these times, but we remain together!

Defender: How can we protect our mental health?

Co-Pastor Mia Wright: Protecting and preserving our mental and emotional health during this time is of utmost importance. Fear can overtake logical thoughts. It isn’t the fear of the unknown; it is fear of what is known and dreaded. Rather than spending time thinking about what isn’t, begin to refocus on positive images and thoughts. Proverbs 14:15 (The Message) says, “The gullible believe anything they’re told; the prudent sift and weigh every word.“

Spend mental and physical energy by asking yourself what you can do to improve something in your life? Don’t overwhelm yourself, choose one thing. It can be spending time meditating, reading, de-cluttering, etc. Allow positive mental thoughts to lead your actions. Keep routines simple – go to bed and wake up at reasonable times. Eat at set times. Connect with others. Reach out, especially if you are fearful or alone.

Defender: How has the coronavirus impacted your workouts?

Co-Pastor Mia Wright: Although I have a gym at home, I prefer to go to the gym for routine workouts. During this time of social distancing, I’ve made great use of my home gym and equipment. I use the Nike Fitness app to complete training programs. I go for a walk outdoors, garden when I can, and move my body. With so many DJs playing music online, I get up and dance! My Apple watch reminds me that I haven’t been moving like I usually do. When I get that notice, I take a break from the computer, and start to move!

Defender: How does The Fountain of Praise plan to celebrate Easter?

Co-Pastor Mia Wright: The Fountain of Praise is committed to connecting our community during the COVID-19 crisis and celebrating Holy Week and Easter in a creative and impactful manner.

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