Who is Chichi Nwaorie?

Age: 36

Occupation: Fitness Entrepreneur

Education: University of Houston

Major: Journalism/Mass Communications

Motto: “She is clothed with strength and dignity and she laughs without fear of the future.” Prov. 31:25

Motivated by: “I’m definitely motivated by all the people I meet in the fitness community here in Houston. I absolutely love it when people share why or what got them into fitness in the first place. It’s such a source of inspiration for me and it helps me get back to my ‘why’ on the days when I am feeling less than motivated.”

Unknown facts: “I am co-founder of Sweatwork HTX which is a networking and consulting company for the fitness professional and a true passion project. Also, I love plants and hope to have my own sustainable garden one day. And, I absolutely love a good nap and books.”

Fitness start: “My parents are Nigerian, and my mother is a nurse, so we have always eaten nutritiously. They made sure we stayed active whether we played sports or not. They encouraged us to get out of the house and outside, but that also could have been because there were seven of us and the noise was intense. I played sports in high school and it grew from there. So, it truly is all I have ever known. I am especially in love with the Houston boutique fitness industry. It is just so inspiring, motivating and constantly feeds my love for #thesweatlife.”

Fitness advice: “Patience and consistency is key. One thing I always say to my personal training or Lagree [a high-intensity, low-impact workout that stimulates core strength, cardiovascular endurance, balance, and flexibility] clients is consistency breeds results. Yes, it is difficult to be consistent, I struggle with it myself, but the struggle is where the good stuff is bred and even though it doesn’t feel like it at the time, the struggle makes the journey so much sweeter.”

Social Media:

IG: @chicenitza
IG: @sweatworkhtx

I try to keep it simple.

“I love steel cut oatmeal and an omelet in the morning, or a fruit, kale and avocado smoothie with a protein scoop. For lunch, I will stick with these delicious ground turkey muffins I make with veggies and sweet potatoes (one of my favs). I am also a big fan of salads since I can get all my veggies in one go. For snacks, I adore apples and Justin’s peanut butter (has to be that particular brand!) and, of course, Nigerian food.”

Physical: I believe in cross-training.”

“I am such a big believer in cross-training. It’s great to have your favorite workouts, but it’s so important to mix it up so you are constantly challenging your body and hitting different muscles. I love to strength train through lifting, Lagree (it gives you the strongest core) and HIIT. I also have a soft spot for spinning, my sister is a dope instructor at SoulCycle, and I have recently fallen in love with the VersaClimber. It’s one of the new modalities I teach at the Lagree studio. Can’t wait to get back to teaching classes post-COVID-19. It’s a full-body cardio challenge.”

Mental: I aim to feel confident and strong.

“I have a Type A personality and I always want to be on the go, which is not always the best thing for my body or peace of mind. I aim to feel confident and strong consistently. While I struggle with fitness like everyone else, it’s important to me to continue to push my body to its best.”

Spiritual: Lots of prayer and meditation keep me balanced.

“Prayer and meditation help slow me down and get me back to why I move how I do in the first place.”[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]