Throughout pregnancy, expectant mothers are inundated with information from every angle. For mothers who are navigating their first pregnancy, the stress over whether you’re “doing it right” is even higher. Once the baby arrives, there’s an “expert” on every corner – Facebook mommy groups, coworkers, or even a stranger on the Metro train – to critique your parenting style. With the torrent of unsolicited suggestions and assessments of your capabilities, how do you know that what you’re doing really is best for your baby?

Legacy Community Health’s “OB2Pedi” program is exactly what it sounds like: Top-notch, comforting, and informative developmental care from your OB the moment you know you’re pregnant, through term, and in partnership with your pediatrician through the first years of your baby’s life. During pregnancy, your OB/GYN will walk you through nutrition, morning sickness, and discerning symptoms that could indicate a high risk pregnancy, like high blood pressure or elevated sugar levels.

Many problems that pregnant women face are preventable. It’s important to ask questions, keep your scheduled appointments, and consider seeing a doctor before trying to get pregnant. We ensure that patients choose a pediatrician in their third trimester, allowing expectant mothers to take their time to find a pediatrician they trust and with whom they feel comfortable.  A trusting relationship with a pediatrician is essential and emphasizes the importance of consistent care for their newborn after birth.

Once your baby arrives, it’s time to schedule your first visit with the pediatrician that you’ve selected here at Legacy. We walk you through your new post-partum life – new parents are often tired and we hope to copilot you through those first weeks.  Then, we’ll continue to partner with you to determine what’s best for your baby as they grow.

Our Ob2Pedi program is unique, emphasizing the collaboration between our OB and Pediatric providers.  New moms often have questions about their babies, but also about their own care. Our program allows our providers to provide continuous care and helps to ease families into the new chapter of their lives.

Dr. Tamisha Jones is the medical director of Pediatrics at Legacy Community Health. Dr. Vian Nguyen is the medical director of OB/GYN practice. D.r Jones practices at Legacy Fifth Ward-Lyons. Dr Nguyen practices at Legacy Mapleridge.