When you’re single and loving yourself, it seems like the world is blooming with cute guys. Everywhere you turn, you find yourself in an enchanting conversation with a hilarious/charming/handsome man. That’s just what happens when your “light is on,” so to speak. Or rather, when you’re in a wonderful emotional and mental place, you attract just about everybody. And it’s hard to be selective when, well, you really don’t have to be. If you have the option of dating 100 men, even if you only date 60, you’re bound to date many of the wrong ones. So before you let your imagination get carried away with ideas of having three kids with your barista, keep in mind these people you should never, ever date.

One of your therapist’s other patients

Your therapist’s office should be a place where you feel totally safe and not at all self-conscious. If things don’t work out with another patient, you won’t want to go in the waiting room. And you worked hard to find a therapist you liked!

Somebody your sister dated

I don’t care how long ago it was, how over him your sister is, and how much both him and your sister have changed as people since the relationship, don’t do it. The moment they mention one memory about your sibling, you’ll be scarred for life—especially if you’ve already slept with the guy.

Your gynecologist

It’s probably for the best that your romantic partner doesn’t know too much about your vagina. He should just know that he likes it and that it’s healthy. So no matter how cute and kind and single your gynecologist is, don’t date him. That’s another doctor you worked hard to find, and you don’t want to lose him.

A superior at work

Just wait; one day, he’ll have to criticize you for your work, and then you’ll loathe him on a personal level. Just don’t muddy the waters of love with the drama of work.

The bartender at your absolute favorite watering hole

You know—the one you go to every day, without fail, to have a drink, kick back, and vent about your day with your friends. Do you want to ruin your little cocktail haven for yourself by dating and dumping the bartender there?

Your mom’s best friend’s son

If and when it doesn’t work out, your poor mom and her friend will be at each other’s throats over whose baby hurt whose baby. And you’ll still have to see the guy at large family functions.

Your neighbor

It all seems so convenient until you break up, and now the simple act of pulling into your parking spot causes you to sweat and panic.

Your friend’s brother

Under very few circumstances does this work out. But when it doesn’t, your ex will be in your best friend’s ear about what a sh*tty girlfriend you are, and you won’t be able to vent to your best friend about your recent ex because that’s her family.

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