The Dos And Don’ts Of Asking For A Raise

It’s a really simple equation. You do what’s asked of you, you work hard, you even go above and beyond, logging long hours and tackling work on the weekends. Naturally, a raise and promotion are next, right? We wish it were that simple.

Unfortunately, with an economy that is one unpredictable minx and companies looking to cut costs however possible, it’s often futile to just sit around and wait to be rewarded. Often times you have to start the conversation if want a shot at bumping up your paycheck. But, as with all things work related, there are some useful dos and don’ts to getting what you want. Here are some of the most vital:

Don’t: Be Too Brazen

We don’t care if you’re by leaps and bounds the most competent, most incredible, most dedicated employee at your job, don’t be so presumptuous as to think you are entitled to a raise and promotion from the get-go. Everyone has to pay their dues no matter how great they are at their job. A good rule of thumb: Don’t consider really pushing the raise issue for at least nine months to a year after you’ve started.

Don’t: Assume

As much as we all want to be positive and think that our hard work will be rewarded with a big, fat raise, it’s also important to not assume that things will just happen for you. Largely gone are the days when a raise and promotion are just handed over to you. In such a competitive environment and with money tight at many companies, assuming you’ll just get a raise after an appropriate amount of time will often only bring disappoint. Be realistic, don’t assume and make things happen for yourself.