The Harris County Emergency Rental Assistant Program, established by Commissioners Court earlier this summer to provide relief to those struggling from the economic impact of the pandemic, has $10M remaining in the fund.

“I implore all eligible residents to participate in this valuable program,” Commissioner Rodney Ellis said. “Taking advantage of these funds can mean the difference between having a place to stay and being homeless.”

Of the $40M approved by Commissioners Court earlier this summer, $10M remains in the Rental Assistance Program. There are 6,000 landlords with 13,000 different properties registered in the program that’s administered by BakerRipley. The application process will remain open until funds are expended.

The program allows recipients to receive $1,200. To be eligible, recipients must be 50% or lower of low- to moderate-income (LMI). Recipients are selected through a randomization process. Landlords must be registered in the program for a tenant to apply. Tenants can see which rental properties participate in the program on this website:

“Having a place to shelter is always important. But during a global pandemic, it can be the difference between life and death,” Commissioner Ellis said. “The pandemic has left many families struggling to pay rent, and the expiration of federal protections for tenants has put our community in a looming eviction crisis. Now is the time for eligible tenants to take advantage of the remaining funds.”