What is your favorite food? Snapper, that’s new– it use to be pizza

Favorite color? Maroon and gray, I would say crimson and cream because I’m a Kappa but its Maroon and gray

Favorite sport? Basketball

Hobby? Reading

Philosophy of life? To live life to the fullest

Three songs on playlist: “The Makings of You,” Curtis Mayfield; “Just be Good to Me,” SOS Band; “Written in the Stone,” Earth, Wind & Fire

Last movie you went to see? “Get Out”

Dream vacation: Bermuda or another island somewhere

Something most people don’t know about you? I was not accepted to most universities, I was not an A student, I was a late bloomer. I was a student who needed a second chance. I worked hard but I was a student who fits probably 80 percent of my student population now which I think is why I relate so well to my students.

Title of your autobiography: “Fortitude: Hard and Courageous”

Three things on bucket list: Visit the town where my mother grew up, Crescent, Oklahoma; I’d like to meet Louis Farrakhan; I’d like to visit Niagara Falls.

Three African-American historical figures you would like to meet? Barbara Jordan, Mickey Leland, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

What is the most important lesson you learned from your parents? To be humble. My mother taught me to always be appreciative, be humble and be thankful. I like to think I carry that into what I do here today and all of that has sort of morphed into serving people.

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