Texas Dems’ “Let the People Register” program to print, distribute 500K voter registration cards
Karina Shumate, 21, a college student studying stenography, fills out a voter registration form in Richardson, Texas, Saturday, Jan. 18, 2020 (AP Photo / LM Otero).

Residents in Sunnyside have reported people pretending to be representatives from the election and voter registration office going door-to-door in an attempt to collect sensitive personal  information. These people and the paperwork they are using are not authorized by the Harris County Elections Office.

Harris County Elections does not request the information being asked on the forms used by these scammers, and voters are not required to sign the documents.

The form asks for the resident’s full name, birthdate, and signature. It has their address already printed along with a list of names, asking whether anyone listed currently resides at the address. (Photo of the form attached with address and names blacked out for privacy.)

Scam documentation

In the event that the Harris County Elections Office ever needs to contact you directly our staff will have County ID badges to prove their identity, and/or paperwork with the logo or official seal of the office included.

Residents should give our office a call at 713-755-6965 if they have any questions or want to verify if someone actually works for Harris County Elections.

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