A political party’s platform serves as a statement of values and a list of priorities for which they pledge to fight on behalf of their constituents. With the critically important 2022 mid-term elections fast approaching, a group of Texas Black Democrats are getting ahead of the game in their attempt to shape their party’s 2022 platform, which will be voted on during the party’s July 14-16 convention in Dallas.

The Texas Coalition of Black Democrats (TCBD) recently released its “Declaration of Values,” a 17-point priorities list to guide the state’s minority party in its quest to turn Texas blue, or at the very least, blueish-purple.

Carroll Robinson, chair of the Texas Organizing Project, says there are three top priorities in the Declaration..

“First, fully funding education, meaning you are going to provide sufficient funds that we keep young people in school from pre-K all the way till they graduate from high school on time. And that we equip them with the academic content, knowledge, and critical thinking skills so that when they graduate from high school, they can go on to college and successfully complete an associate or four-year degree at the college level. Economics, because if you get a good education and you have a good job, access to capital, you can build a business and it lifts you out of poverty. The third point is criminal justice. We’ve got to look at bringing much more fairness across the entire criminal justice system, from your interaction with the police to the prosecutor’s office, to the diversity of judges on the bench and the laws that are applied, to incidents that are enforced,” Robinson said.