It has been just over three months since Hurricane Harvey ravaged our area, and for many, the rebuilding process is far from over. That’s why Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee and The Congressional Black Caucus Foundation are bringing “After Hurricane Harvey: Economic Lessons Learned and the Role of Business in National Disaster Relief Efforts,” their fifth Executive Economic Summit (EES V) to town.

While the CBCF Summit series typically focuses on mapping minority access to capital with business leaders and others in the financial services sector, this year will also focus on those in our communities impacted by Hurricane Harvey.

“It’s historic to have the CBC chaired by the first woman member to be here in Houston in the backdrop of Hurricane Harve, one of the most devastating hurricanes of the nation. I want the board to know that people are still hurting and work is still in need to be done. and we can’t give up,” said Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee, who chairs the CBC Foundation.

Jackson Lee  says she wanted lawmakers to see firsthand, the progress has been made, and the work that is yet to do.

“I want to put a focus on the idea of Houston’s resilience and highlight all of those engaged in working to bring us back. Im proud to bring national leaders here to ascertain the resolve and resistance of Houstonians and to highlight the positive things we’re doing,” Jackson Lee said.

According to FEMA, Texas has received $1.065 billion dollars in individual and household assistance spanning 15 member districts, including Jackson Lee’s and Rep. Al Green’s. In addition to Texas, the communities of Georgia, Florida and the U.S. Virgin Islands suffered as a result of the destruction and damages caused by hurricanes.

The Houston Summit will feature a special issue town hall forum on the role of business and other relevant organizations in assisting African-American communities with disaster relief. Other CBC members representing districts impacted by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma are being invited to discuss specific challenges Black communities encounter when natural disasters occur. The Summit will provide a platform to discuss the disproportionate impact because of income, employment, poverty, access to resources, human capital, and information. CBC members will offer observations and perspective on federal recovery efforts and strategies.

Additionally, the Summit will explore the role of business in assisting hurricane recovery efforts and how Houston businesses can leverage their capital and other resources to assist African-Americans with comprehensive strategies that include immediate and long-term pathways to financial recovery. Panelists and speakers will also offer practical tips and strategies, and local service organization relief providers will be invited to share guidance and direction on next steps.

Individuals interested in attending the summit, on Monday, December 11 may apply through a CBCF application link at


CBC Town Hall on Relief Efforts for African Americans when Natural Disasters Hit

Monday, Dec. 11th, 8:00 am-3:00 pm.

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